About Us

Melody + Aphrodisiac = MELODYSIAC

What is a Melodysiac? It’s a person who shares the deepest connection with music. Our lives run on a soundtrack of music, and we don’t even know it. Each day, we set our alarm clocks and wake up to music. Depending on our mood, we pick a prized playlist to get us into gear, from the road to the cubicle. And, It takes a talented multimedia application to get through that grueling 9 to 5. Evening extracurricular activities like yoga or living room happy hour always go best with a special collection of audio bliss. And still, it takes a gentle symphony to lure us off to dreamland. We’re paying homage to the art of music. It’s the foundation of our day-to-day and lingers in the backdrop of our very existence.

Melodysiac is an online magazine dedicated to digging deeper. We’re here to share unique stories with you about the musicians that make your world go ‘round. In addition, we’re bringing you a collection of exclusive playlists from DJs, band members and readers on the regular, so there’s someone else out there bobbing heads to the same tunes as you. Look forward to the inside scoop from an artist’s perspective. From whimsical Q&As to intimate in-person interviews, groovy galleries to the perfect music picks, we’re ready to infuse the online community with a new flavor of (unpretentious) musical media.

Melodysiac is about going back to the basics, while still highlighting the best innovations in music sharing. We’re creating down-to-earth content and progressive music trends to add to your personal vault.