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Miami Devours Double Dose of Disclosure

Miami Devours Double Dose of Disclosure

The first notes of “F For You” pumped through the vibrating amps at the Fillmore Miami Beach Saturday night, and a packed house roared in excitement as UK duo Disclosure took the stage. Belting in unison, “Because I played the fool for you,” hundreds of mouths chanted as the brothers Lawrence pushed buttons, strummed strings and struck things. The live format of Settle – what we like to think of as the best album of 2013 – was well underway, and there was no turning back.

Flames ignited the centered LED screen as “When a Fire Starts to Burn” blared, and hybrid dance beats representing the best elements from the past four decades married, then wafted into eager ears. As “Boiling” took hold, Sinead Harnett’s saccharine vocals were paired with orange- and yellow-hued lights, which came in and out of sight, a product of the feel-good tunes, which caused a shut-eye hypnosis from the pit to the mezzanine. Blue cubes spun and twirled during “Flow” as Guy Lawrence commanded the crowd to clap while he smacked a series of edrums, streaming synthetic beats of glory. Howard Lawrence plucked bass, adding depth to his brother’s percussive art, and together, the twosome delivered an cacophonous masterpiece.

A live “Stimulation” felt smooth and flawless, like it was straight from the controls, complete with percussive tambourine effects. The brothers threw out lots of Miami love, and segues were seamless from one song to the next. Strobes pulsated during “Grab Her,” a roller coaster of funhouse melodies, and the dance party blinked in and out of sight from every corner of the theatre.

An obvious highlight of the night, “White Noise” sent chills down spines while hearts raced to the build-up, where true light and energy combusted, oozing with deep synths as the EDM anthem captured familiar souls all over again. “You guys got it good,” Guy yelled to the adoring ocean of Miami ragers, as the first notes of “Voices” slid from the keys. As the track progressed, iconic Disclosure faces lit up on the LED panels colored in green and yellow themes, flashing to the beats.

A romantic, intimate rendition of “Help Me Lose My Mind” was a welcomed cool down for the crowd, but the robotic lip-synching Disclosure face could not account for the absence of Hannah Reid’s angelic vocals – though the crowd did its best to fill in for the UK crooner. A satisfying “Latch” closed out the show, and every person became a No. 1 fan, chanting, “Now I got you in my space/I won’t let go of you/Never/Got you shackled in my embrace/I’m latching on to you /Never!” Diehards danced and delighted while neophytes were converted by Disclosure’s unavoidable, infectious trance.

The party continued into the night, as Disclosure made its way over the bridge from South Beach to Downtown Miami, where the line snaked around Grand Central. Eager club cats were thirsty for their fix of Disclosure’s brand of dance party bliss, and the new Princes of EDM took to the decks with a quick and dirty set before departing for the Grammys. “Help Me Lose My Mind” received the remix treatment, gifting fans with an everlasting, breakout trance hook, stolen from its sweet sister ballad, which had captivated an entire theatre just mere moments prior.

The reprise of “Voices” shone brightly, laced with beautiful, multifaceted beats, while “Latch” was reintroduced via Wildchild’s throwback “Renegade Master,” which commanded an array of fist pumps, bouncing bodies and flailing limbs. Then, the brothers dropped the ultimate disco groove, “Inspector Norse” by Todd Terje, and fancy footwork ensued.

The standout late-night track was the newly released sample of Mary J. Blige’s contributing vocals on “F For You,” which premiered in the last week, and was thankfully received. The evening in Miami was true magic, and locals were in more than appreciative spirits for the double dose of Disclosure. We’re hoping the Lawrence brothers return with more tricks up their sleeves, just in time for Winter Music Conference, but maybe next time with a few guest vocalists tucked into their back pockets… Until then!

-Tracy Block

Photos by Tracy Block / Melodysiac © 2014


January 27th, 2014

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